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Our mission is to improve the lives of everyone that we touch—that means you.

Whatever your unique personal and professional goals are, we help you find the perfect place to make them happen — with the same human touch you give your patients. ​

Start your adventure right

Wherever you want to go, B.C. Solutions can help you get there. With available medical staffing jobs across the country and the high demand for healthcare professionals, when you travel with confidence, adventure, and opportunity are at your fingertips. 


B.C. Solutions offers both temporary and permanent positions for Nurse Practitioners seeking placement nationwide.

Physicians and Specialists

For Physicians and Specialists seeking guaranteed permanent placement and employment, we have multiple opportunities available.

Nurses Nationwide

B.C. Solutions is a Florida medical staffing agency that offers a variety of positions for LPNs', CNAs', Home Health Aides, and other professionals nationwide.

Pay & benefits

When looking to optimize pay, it’s important to understand that pay packages differ based on specialty and location. For instance, a travel L&D nurse in California will make a different amount than a travel med-surg nurse in Kentucky. Log in and view pay packages and facility information for all jobs.

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